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We all know they eat crazy things. And the people love it. So they do it more often then their other small series within gmm. So after all of it builds up more and more over time, is it really healthy or safe?

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Blatant and shameless plug for my spreadsheet of the garbage these boys have put in their mouths.

Most of what they eat IS food, even if it's kind of disgusting. They have, however, consumed small amounts of non-foods on several occasions.

(Note: I have zero medical expertise, don't take any of this as medical advice.)

Toiletries: Hand lotion, baby shampoo, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, and suntan oil. While you should not eat any of these, there don't seem to be any toxic ingredients that would stay in the body if ingested, probably because of the constant risk of children consuming them. 

Dirt and sand: While not a great thing to eat (because they could contain other substances), both are pretty inert. The guys ate them in small amounts.

Wax: I can't remember if they actually swallowed the crayon ice cream sandwiches or the wax popsicles, but either way, a small amount of wax will be, ahem, passed uneventfully.

I'd say they're going to be okay, unless things really start to escalate. ;)


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