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Okay, I've been wanting to just get this all off my chest in a longer post so I'm going to do it here. Hopefully, some way some how, the guys will see this. 

I've been a fan of the guys and GMM for a few years now. I started watching them during a really crappy part of my life and they just brought me so much joy. I was always so excited every morning to watch GMM and see what silly sketch they were going to do, song they would sing, funny story they would tell, or weird fact they were going to teach me. 

But now, I don't get as excited for GMM as I used to. I understand that they are a business, and they need to make moves that will expand that business, but I feel as if they only care about going viral now. They only cater to the people who like Will Its or taste tests, and most of those people do not even watch GMM regularly! And the crew does so many videos now (I watch GMM for Rhett and Link not the crew! (sorry crew)) In short, GMM does not feel like GMM anymore.

Rhett and Link are ridiculously talented guys. They are sweet, caring, funny, and insanely talented. And yet, I feel like they are not using this talent anymore. They are just cranking out click-bait like episodes in order to get more view or subscribers (and to be honest, it doesn't seem like it is working as their subscriber count seems to have slowed down a lot over the past two years). 

They always talk about how much they love to do scripted comedy and songs and things, PLEASE DO THOSE THINGS GUYS! I MISS THAT SIDE OF YOU GUYS! I MISS RHETT AND LINK!

If they enjoy the way they are doing things now, I understand. But I just feel as if they've lost what they were originally going for along the way.

Anyway, I know a lot of you will probably disagree with me, but these are just my thoughts and I needed to get them out.


         A dedicated, but sad mythical beast :(

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You're not alone. With how big GMM has become over the past few years, it makes sense that it had to lose some of its charm and become more of a machine to churn out content. However, I'll copy-paste my little spiel of things that have the feel of earlier GMM episodes but may have slipped through a more recent fan's fingers.


Forgive me if you already know of and have seen these things I am about to suggest, but in case you haven't, here are some "old" Rhett & Link endeavors similar to GMM:

 -- GMCL (Good Morning Chia Lincoln) was their first every-weekday talkshow, and is also on the rhettandlink2 YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uMQ9DG0HGc&list=PLAD6A40CB0ED7...

 -- The RhettandLinKast was a Thursday-night, hour-long show they did before GMCL. LOTS of good, classic Rhett & Link material in their treasure trove of a (now inactive) Ustream page. http://www.ustream.tv/rhettandlink

 -- Finally, they also did a series of live shows that coincided with the broadcast of each Commercial Kings episode. However, it looks like they've made all but the first private, unfortunately! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWZkQHU4KQ

Hope that gives you some new material to occupy yourself!

I've basically seen almost every piece of their content that there is already lol but thank you for the suggestions!

I too was more fond of the earlier GMM seasons. Personally, I really liked when they shared their personal experiences and stories. For instance the "don't touch the art" episode, and the farmers' market episode. Such simple stories, yet they managed to make them so entertaining. However, I understand that at one point they run out of stories, and that the "Will It" episodes appeal to a larger audience, as it has more action. 

I agree. I feel like with all the sensitivities of people today, and the crazy rules that the media wants people to talk like, act like or believe in, it is harder for content creators such as Rhett and Link to be themselves more. They need to make sure they don't "offend" anyone with their political and religious beliefs, and they need to make sure that the content they are creating gets views. And what gets views now, is eating pig anus. Not just two cool guys talking in front of a camera for 14 minutes. I agree that it is a little sad. I have been watching for awhile myself, and I agree that they have changed over the years. If you watch older videos, they express their views and are very open. Now, they can't because they will get destroyed in the comments and by other creators. Unfortunately, that's how the world is today. That's how people are. I bet they feel the same way at some level, but as mythical beasts, we should continue to support them and we should be kind in the comments and not judge content creators based on what they believe. Great discussion btw.

Olivia and everyone else, I really understand you. I may not write a huge post(or maybe I might), because my emotions are exactly the same. A part of me says "Change is nature", but my brain wasn't ready for this. Honestly, episodes used to be beautiful and elegant and fantastic and memorable earlier. Now they're smack-in-your-face, look-at-us-we're-crazy. 

Now imagine, we, as mythical beasts, feeling like this. What must they be going through? Through all the joy, the fun, the money(yes they earn enough), right before falling asleep, going through their minds is a montage of all the good times they had, how they kind of gave in to fame pressure, and how cool it would be to go back to the good old style of GMM. But the reality of the importance of views and subscribers hits them, and they reluctantly fall asleep, pushing their feelings in a corner, dreaming that they may, once again, be those 2 awkward and amazing friends sitting at a card table, with just one more guy called Jason, and shoot the episode about how batman was arrested. 

At some point in time, we must all move on. Rhett and Link did, so should we.


By moving on I meant to accept their new style. Will always be a hardcore mythical beast!

I'm new to Rhett and Link, about 3-4 months new to it. My first video was the Will It Corn Dog? video posted on another social site, but even though those Will It videos are hilarious, I went back to season 1 and started watching every episode of GMM and GMMore. I can see the changes between the first season and the more recent ones. Like you, Rhett and Link came into my life as I struggle with depression and a panic disorder among many health issues, and just being able to genuinely laugh has made a tremendous difference in my life. Things change, people change, life changes. Maybe they think it would be boring to do the same thing over and over, and I don't really mind the staff but maybe not as often as they've been on the show. I think with all the time I've invested, I'll see it through to the end until Rhett and Link stop making videos (which I hope never happens). I may not understand fully being a new fan of GMM, but thanks for sharing your thoughts. Maybe they'll steer back to the way things used to be. <3 

I agree. I've only found Rhett and Link a little over a month ago, I am enjoying their older episodes much more.

Some episodes I'll think they're really running out of ideas but then others will be so great it more than makes up for it. I do like the slightly looser humour. My least favourite videos are probably the Taste Tests - they seem like pure filler, probably compounded by the fact that I'm not familiar with half the brands. 

I don't mind them doing GMM as their main breadwinner as long as quality content still comes our way, like Buddy System or (hopefully) the book. If I don't like an episode, I can always skip it. But I rarely do. 

I have to agree. I mean, I still LOVE them, but - especially with the This Is Mythical channel, I fear they're becoming a little like ... (looks around and braces for the angry mobs) Buzzfeed.

Lol I totally agree. Seriously, the entirety of the crew's channel minus Ear Biscuits is a Buzzfeed rip-off and so are some GMM episodes.


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