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some good mythical beast, willst thou help..eth me out?

I want one of those fancy embroidered mythical beast patches for my ipad, but i have no idea where to buy them.

im sure someone knows.

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True they are no longer for sale. 


A while back R&L took in the few remaining patches from the last production order and set them aside to be given away as "awards" to deserving MB's in the future.  The THOUGHTFUL GUY contest had some prizes with real value - - - suppose it was sponsored by Smule, Tweak (mythical shoes) and others - - - but for smaller KBE's the prize pack might include a patch.

argh. darn. I really wanted one. when did they go off the market? cause i know a time i somewhat recent memory where i saw them for sale.

Wait, now how are we supposed to have our patches acknowledged by other mythical beasts (
Along with our boots)


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