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I've been thinking a lot lately and I came up with a word for the day after tomorrow - Overmorn.

Kinda weird that nobody has thought of it. Tell me what you think about it! 

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Sorry, Niclas, but according to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) there is already such a word, although it is considered obsolete and not in daily use at this time: 



O"ver*mor"row (?), n. The day after or following to-morrow. [Obs.] Bible (1551).


From Middle English overmorwe, a compound of over + morwe ("morrow").
Compare Dutch overmorgen, German übermorgen, Swedish övermorgon, Danish overmorgen, Norwegian overmorgen.
There are similar words in other languages.  For instance, in Japanese  . . .

yokkamae = 4 days before today
sakiototoi = 2 days before yesterday (3 days before today)
ototoi = day before yesterday
kinou = yesterday
kyou = today
ashita = tomorrow
asatte = day after tomorrow
shiasatte = 2 days after tomorrow (3 days from today)
yanoasatte = 4 days from today
gonoasatte = 5 days from today
muikago = 6 days from today

etc. etc. etc.

Zeg is the day after tomorrow.


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