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I have always been wanting to send mail to Rhett and Link.

So finally, I have decided to do it.

I put a guitar pick(which I use to play ukulele with) which broke while playing "Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time" and a calligraphy project with Rhett and Link's names translated into Chinese written on.

My little sister will send something too.

My biggest fear is that the package would get lost in the shipping since I live in Taiwan, a tiny island in Asia.

Let's hope the package gets there...

*fingers crossed

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I see you are nervous it will get lost in the mail. Maybe you can leave an email so they can contact you when it arrives. And if you don't do that or they don't respond, I wouldn't worry. On the Kommunity, I've seen as long as 6 months from ship date, to feature date.

Thx for offering help, I'll do that :)

Is there no recorded mail for international shipping? That would at least let you know they've received it. 


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