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Personally, I don't see much of a difference. Their songs have grown up a lot. C'mon  people give me some insightful comparison! How do you think they will change?

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Comparing the energy and exuberance of a typical GMM episode to the more calm and reserved RhettandLinKasts, it's obvious that they've gotten a lot more confident with the "talkshow" kind of format. I guess that's to be expected, though, simply because of how long they've been doing that kind of thing now. Practice brings confidence!

It's also pretty surprising to go back to some of the old Kasts and realize just how pronounced their accents were compared to how they are now. You don't notice it as much when it's just a gradual change over the years, but going back makes you realize how much they've actually "suppressed" it with the move to LA.

Contentwise, I can't exactly remember where he said it, but fairly recently Rhett was talking about how now they really work to make every line of a song a joke. He stated that in the past, they would sometimes settle for coming up with a funny concept and then using several lines to set up that joke, but now they strive to make every line individually funny.

As far as how they'll change in the future, who knows! I do think that GMM will stick around for a while, though. It seems like the kind of show that will go on for years and years, accumulating hundreds if not thousands of episodes. Car Talk-esque, if you will. Especially since rhettandlink2 is well on its way to surpassing rhettandlink in subscribers! That still kind of boggles my mind. A few years ago, I never would have guessed.

I like the the current Rhett and Link.

I do think they are funnier now and better entertainers...but all of my most favorite songs are older. I do think they are getting 'handsomer' with age. ;)

Well, I can only speak for myself, but there's a reason why I was drawn to the current Rhett and Link.

You see, I'm pretty much in the same age bracket as them. Though I have no children, I can pretty much relate to them on their own level. Clearly, I'm not exactly their prime target group, but I still like most of their light entertainment, etc.

I've watched their older videos, and while they may be a little bit more artistic at times, they're definitely not exactly in my line of entertainment that I'd like.

So yeah, I like the current Rhett and Link, probably better than the older Rhett and Link. This doesn't mean I like every single GMM episode, for instance. But the general style is quite appealing.

I'd assume, that this style draws in more new users, like myself.

Yeah I'd would have to agree

Well, I have seen some of their older videos and here's my comparison.

For songs, I've noticed that their older songs are more random and spur-of-the-moment types of things, while their newer songs have a lot more work put into the production but are not as frequent. Both appeal to me. The lyrics are always funny and the songs are catchy and fun to sing.

As for sketches and little short random videos, we haven't seen very many of those lately. I'd like to see some, as they're good for a quick pick-me-up or something to show your friends at the bus stop. They really bring out the creativity of the two.

Talk-show-wise, I'd say they're about the same in the aspect that each episode is a random, interesting conversation and the occasional product testing. Of course, their studio and production process is a lot more refined now, but that's good. I wish they were still doing the Mythical Show... gosh, I laugh way too hard at those XD

I like how they've always incorporated fans in some way throughout the years. Reading tweets, facebook comments, and beast perspectives; having GMM wheel and episode intros, Thursday Means Mail, and having the Komm are great ways for them to interact with and acknowledge their fans. 

So... I think they always have been awesome and will continue to be awesome, even when they start to lose their energy (Heh.... No offense, but they're getting close to 40. But when did that ever stop anyone? It's not that old. And they still look like they're in their late 20's. Haha...)

Totally I think that the reason that their older songs are so random is the five word fan title thing
I wish they would still do that :/
I know I loved that series

I for sure think they are improving.  More experienced=better internatainers


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