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None! I'm not a big texter.
Oh, man. Well, Tara's my "alarm clock". She texts me every morning at ten to wake me up and we pretty much text throughout the day. She's my long distance best friend. We've gotta talk somehow!
Probably about 20 minutes. That isn't a lot, is it?
Well, subtract the seven hours I spend in school, and the 3 in volleyball and homework, and that leaves 14. So yeah, about 14 hours
I haven't sent a text massage since.. last spring. So I can pretty much say never. Only having about five friends in RL helps with that though. ^_^
None, don't have a phone.
On average maybe, less than 30 seconds a day. I don't really have anyone to text.
NONE! I don't own a phone :P ^.^
Depends on who responds. People rarely text me first. Maybe that's a sign... :P
couple minutes... or hours
I text like... once a day... normally it's something short like "Where are you" or "Pick me up at 4". Otherwise I barely touch my phone.


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