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We all have had the ups and downs of life, and all the good and bad times. And in the end,  there tends to be that one thing that keeps us going. For some it may be friends or family, writing, keeping a journal, etc. But for me, watching GMM and other Rhett and Link content has helped me through the tough times. Always making me laugh and look forward to a new day.

People on the kommunity have most likely already expressed how GMM has helped them, but I am fairly new to the kommunity and I was wondering if there were other people like me who have really gained happiness and laughs from Good Mythical Morning. 

Has GMM given you some happiness in not-so-happy times? 

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Yes!  I have a very difficult job - I am a nurse who works with the impoverished and homeless population in the city where I live.  I LOVE my job, but man, it can be VERY depressing and disheartening, especially on those days when it is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of people who need help.  And this is just one city on the entire planet!!!

If I didn't have GMM, or the wonderful internetainment provided by Rhett and Link in general, I would NOT be able to find the moments of laughter and fun I need to get me through the day.  It really helps!  And laughter is very healing.  It definitely heals me.


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