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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I was wallowing around in break-up land sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. Somehow It's My Belly Button was recommended to me. The algorithm knew I needed cheering up and knew these gents could get the job done. Yay for AI! (???)
Well im 13 years late to not discover rhett & link but better late than never. Discovering them was ironic. I was on a mission to stop using social media because this year is a year where i couldnt fool around. So i was using youtube for educational purposes when i stumbled upon Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment and that was the best laugh ive ever had this year. More gmm recommendations pop up and that was how i got addicted to gmm and their 4 other channels. Best thing that ever happened to my life...apart from marvel :)

My cousin, who is diagnosed with OCD, showed me the “It’s my OCD” music video when I was ten, telling me it described how OCD felt perfectly. I haven’t stopped watching since!

A local guy mentioned about this site so I checked it out.

I had always been aware of their presence on the internet, but they confused me. I thought at first that “Good Mythical Morning” was a YouTube channel that explained Greek mythology, and I always saw Rhett and Link as the two guys who always do the stupid twerking dances in YouTube Rewind. I didn’t understand why two guys who eat chili peppers had such a devoted fandom. But one day, my younger brother forced me to sit down and actually watch some Mythical content. I was instantly hooked, and I have been a changed person ever since—so much so that my brother will sometimes yell “RHETT AND LINK!” to get my attention. As a Beast, I look forward to Mondays, smile more, banter better, and am unafraid of embracing my inner child.
I began watching here and there a bit over a year ago because they came up on my youtube feed based on other vids i watched . I quickly became a fan and now I’m officially a mythical beast .. love this show love the community

I really don’t remember how i came across their videos but i started watching them around Nov-Dec of 2014. That same year my dad and my dog has pass away so it wasn’t the best year of my life and i was at a point where i wasn’t feeling as happy as i wanted to. I binge watch ALL of their videos and by January i was a full Mythical Beast. Then they divided the show in 4 and i had to admit i unsubscribe, but then just recently one of their videos was recommended on my youtube feed and i knew they stop dividing the show, i binge watch more videos and now here i am again a reborn Mythical Beast. Rhett and Li k really cheer me up when i was gling through the worst year of my life.  

EDIT: I found this on my instagram:

i'm watching all the videos that come up in my recommendation , i have subscribe again so i'm watching the episodes daily so i'm watching from all the seasons in no particular order 

I have a conspiracy for you FUCKK wads lately I’ve been noticing link quickly glancing and looking at Rhett but in a weird way and whenever Rhett talks about women link looks upset so what I’m saying is link has weiner feelings for Rhett and they probably have done stuff doing like hardcore anal sexxx!!!! Omg they’re probably in a secro homo relationship ahhhhhh!!!!! Spread this fans!!!!! Spread the truth!!!!!!
hmm... there could be some truth to that. but i don't think rhett is interested in men in that way. however, i think link might be secretly interested in both men and women... secretly because he has family who would not be ok with a family member who ain't straight. or maybe this is just all in my head and he is straight. idk.
How i found them? I was randomly watching youtube videos and then i saw this gmm vid and clicked on it and my mind was blown then i was a mythical beast from them and anyway who watched todays vid?
Just a year ago I was on medical leave, broke and bored. All I had was my WiFi so started watching a lot of YouTube. I watched a random food challenge and thought it was funny. Somehow I ended up on a More from 5 seasons ago and Rhett and Link started singing Boot Scoot Boogie. I realized that these "guys" were my age. So I wiki'd them to find out more about them. I dove deep into the rabbit hole and quickly became a fan. I've jumped on the bandwagon a little late, but I love these guys. They are something special.


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