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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I found them just a few months ago browsing the good ol' YouTube. I forget the first video of theirs I had watched, but I want to say it was the Epic Rap Battle of Manliness, or another one of their music videos. Or it could have been the Yo Mama compliment battle. I don't know if I will ever remember, but boy I do love the Mythical show and everything else these guys do. I love that I can still find entertainment that is wholesome on the internet. Rhett and Link give me just a little more hope for humanity. 

Well a couple of months ago a friend told me about mystery guitar man and one day i found tshirt wars....then rub some bacon on it.....then i watched gmm and i was hooked :)

I had watched the Christmas Sweats song that Grace and Hannah were on, but I didn't really get into it until later when I was watching an episode of GMM with a friend of mine. I don't remember when exactly I started watching this show regularly but I love it now. So I'm new but already love it.

Honestly, I don't think I can tell you when I first found Rhett and Link.  BUT, I can tell you the first Rhett and Link video I can remember distinctly.  The YouTube Caption Fail video.  The 1st one.  I love all the Caption Fail videos.  They remind me of conversations with my family.  We can't ever seem to hear each other right.  So, now I am in Afghanistan working night and catching up on all the Rhett&Link awesomeness I have been missing.  Thank Guys!!

Its actually a little bit of a long story. back in 2012 on some random day I searched something on YouTube and the GMM of them showing us their embarrassing photos came on and I watched it and thought it was funny but didn't check out their channel after or anything. I also remember seeing them in YouTubers react but I didn't checked out their channel or anything, again:(. then one amazing Thursday afternoon I was looking through the "what to watch" tab on YouTube and it showed that the FineBros had liked this video called "The Mythical Show episode 1" and it had a cool thumbnail so I decided to watch it and after a while I realized who they were and that I had seem them before and finally decided to check out their channel, I loved all their videos and became a mythical beast, yay!!!

I stumbled upon them in spanish class in 2009 when I was researching Spanish cooking for a  project. I was on youtube and found the "Guacamole" song. I showed it to my teacher and we watched it in class. I forgot about rhett and link until a month ago when I saw them while browsing  youtube and i was like "OMG ITS THE GUACAMOLE PEOPLE!!!!" I have been a loyal mythical beast ever since.

Rhett and Link: thabk you for teaching me how to spell G-U-A-C-A-M-O-L-E!!

i found rhett and link about 2 years from now when my brother showed me the epic rap battle i thought that was funny so i memorized the whole rap and started to memorize more and more songs .

I found them after about a month or two of my girlfriend pestering me about Rhett and Link. She kept saying they were so funny and she said all these good things and I just kinda brushed it off at first, thinking it was just another stupid channel on youtube... I couldn't have been more wrong!! I love Rhett and link!!! I watch GMM every morning before I go to the gym!!!
My little brother showed me Famous Last Words :) I have no idea how he found it though. I could ask, but... Meh.

i was just scrolling on youtube til' i seen this thumbnail whats the best cartoon character? i grew a habit to watching it

I found rub some bacon on it in that wierd part of youtube. I subscribed right away after that

I found Rhett and Link by just stumbling upon them on YouTube. I saw them in a ERB video and I thought I should check them out. I was a fan at first site!! These guys are intelligent, hilarious, and very creative individuals! Hopefully other people understand the wonderful art they create!


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