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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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Well, I first found them watching some dorlky videos, i stumbled into the "Rules of Play" video, it was so hilarious that i decided to dig a little more into this Rhett and Link videos, while I'm doing some searching I found a video of the Mythical Show in which Ian and Anthony of Smosh appeared, so since i already knew them I looked that video, again It was amazing! So i watched the entire Mythical Show compilation, and then with some hunger for more videos I stumbled into the GMM, one thing take to another and here I am, a member of the kommunity, I still have some catch up to do with GMM and the whole other kind of videos that Rhett and Link make, also all the stuff you can find in this kommunity. Here I am, a new mythical beast!

The first time I really ever saw rhett and link was on the related videos of a song called "Facebook is a Stupid Idiot" (don't question) and the song in the related vids was of course the facebook song, but since rhett looked amish and link looked creepy, i judged this amazing book by it's cover and went back to farmville or whatever. But then Michael (Nerdsaur) only talked about rhett and link, and i never had heard of them, he featured me in one of his youtube videos so i checked out his channel to see it and he had a bunch of rhett and link stuff, covers of the gmm song, he had made a "lets talk about that" thing, and he favorited a bunch of videos, so i watched them, but didn't really get "hooked" initially. but the cravings came, yet i didn't watch gmm until much later, but i am still hooked.

Youtube, that is all.

I found them a month ago when  having a conversation with my cousin about getting stuck in the friend zone. Lo and behold she pulls up Link's advice video just about that! It was so funny I was hooked! I've been watching RhettandLink ever since and plan to watch every single one of their videos before the end of the summer!!!

I first saw them when my youth group showed "Famous last words" (the first one) and then I realized that they were in the children's curriculum as the Fabulous Bentley Brothers! I then proceeded to slowly but surely watch all of their videos. Now they are part of my weekly routine!


Like last year or so I saw an episode of commercial kings, the one with the barber shop. Then I was looking at random videos on youtube, and found them singing some songs, I don't remember which one in particular, no, I do, it was the graduation song, and then a couple months later I was watching really random videos and I found a mythical morning video and have now caught up, I haven't watched all of the videos, I have watched all the music videos I think though. 

My friend watched good mythical morning every day and then got me hooked

One day I was searching youtube and I came across one of their videos so I clicked on more of their mythical videos so I then proceeded to subscribe


I found them while spending way too much time on the internet one night a few weeks back. I've been hooked since then :)

I first saw them appering in Youtubers React, but i never saw there videos. Then a cople of weeks pasted and i saw the Furby Commercial and i went on youtube to watch some reviews and i saw their video "How to turn your Furby evil" and i was like

- yeah i can test one of their videos.

and then i got stuck to their videos, and now i've been watching their videos in like 3 months and i feel like i've been watching them forever. :D

I was watching youtubers react and saw them and I was like wow these guys are funny! So I typed Rhett and Link in the search bar and then I watched "Walmart taste test the game" and then I subscribed to their second channel and then their first one. But i remember my mom showing me "Christmas Sweatz" one year before!   

I found them roaming youtube for perfect content.


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