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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I discovered them via a friend. So I watched more!

I saw the T-shirt wars, and wondered what else they made. Which lead to me seeing all the other glorious videos.

Well one day as I was watching WheezyWaiter he said something about a contest? A Supernote contest, and I though was a glorious thing, whomever created it must be a lovely person... then I was directed to a video of Rhett and Link launching the contest... after, I clicked on a suggested video  of theirs... then I just kept clicking and clicking.... and clicking...

I found them through my brother who found them through a friend who found them by accident

I found them about 2 years ago but I just got around to joining the forums. I saw their old RhettandLinkasts and fell in love with there style.

I found Rhett and Link after my friend showed it to me............

I'll never forget that day.........what day was it????

I think I found them by running into the Dope Zebra video

My iPad

I was drunk. Bob Evan's raspberry lemonade and Popov vodka FTW.  I've been trying to get my fiance into it as well, but we both work a lot and she passes out pretty early usually.  We both work at Bob Evan's. That place sucks. I made a Hitler Rant video about it one night, my fiance helped some, she is a server and I am a cook so we take BS from different sides of the restaurant biz. A lot of customers are douche bags and it isn't right.  My advice from a long-time restaurant employee to people who haven't been in "the biz"; treat your server like a human being and don't be super picky with your food. Most cooks are quite skilled and don't need a server to tell them that the customer wants their steak medium rare and if its not perfectly medium rare they are gonna send it back or people who order medium well steaks and complain about how there is a little bit of pink in the middle, MEDIUM WELL STEAKS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A THIN STRIP OF PINK IN THE MIDDLE, if you want no pink that is the textbook definition of "WELL DONE".  I actually got a ticket that said "Medium Well, No pink".  Now how exactly does that work? Whatever.  The genius that came up with "the customer is always right" never cooked a day in their life, guaranteed. Half the time people do not even understand what they are ordering.  My advice is don't be a douche, enjoy your time going out to eat and respect the fact that we are all human beings just living life. Sorry for rambling on about my stupid job.  Here is the Hitler rant video I made, it is all in German, but I do swear in the subtitles a few times, so if your kids can read subtitles I would tell them to go in the other room. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, there is a old dude that comes into my restaurant that is an Elvis impersonator and he is SUPER picky about his food. That is why I go off on a Elvis tangent in the video.

Once long ago I carelessly entered a lottery to try my luck at getting a ticket to Youtube Live and then proceeded to immediately forget that I had done so which brings me to my friend. He was and continues to be interested in parkour and he got mixed up with those rascals over at SF Parkour in a big way even going so far as to bring me along on his trips into the city to film the crew as they flew over walls and other such urban features that I considered to be thoroughly altitudinal in relation to my modest stature. He told me that he and his ilk were to be in some big event that Youtube was holding.  This is when the excitement began to build as he had reminded me of a notice I'd received in the snail mails and I proceeded to tell him that not moments before I had won a ticket to the very show he was to be in. Days later I found myself sneaking around the Fort Mason Center sneaking peaks at what was to become the internet manifest IRL as the crew set up and my new found parkour friends rehearsed for the show. The show came and went and it was AWESOME!! The entirety of the event was mad cray cray good times, and running into MC Hammer through out the night was one of the most confusingly awesome things ever, and giving Tom Dickinson a hug was totally and undeniably un-blendable, but only one part of the show has been with me since that wasn't a mildly parkour related injury. Of course I speak of the Rhett and Link! Ever since I heard them on the various stages I'd had a swelling sense of mythicallity streaming thrumpst my core source and now it's finally reached the point of bursting...I AM A MYTHICAL BEAST!! 

Honestly, it wasn't some super huge momentous occasion. I saw them on YouTubers React on the FineBros channel and I thought they were funny. So now here I am loving everything they do.
I was watching a you tubers react video by the finebros and saw them on the episode, I thought they were hilarious and I had a look at their channel. Been a mithical beast ever since.


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