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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I just recently discovered Rhett & Link.  It was December of 2012 and one of my friends posted something called "Christmas Sweatz" on Facebook.  Intrigued I clicked onward and, of coarse, was in awe of it's epicness and awesomness.  A few days before Christmas that same friend & I decided to take advantage of the 24 hour shopping experience that only comes at that magical time of year.  At 3am we were driving home, and I think the lack of sleep may have made me a little delirious because out of the blue I leaned in closer to my friends ear and whispered softly "He's so festive, he's gonna get himself arrested"  She was also the one driving at the time.

"Christmas Sweatz" led me to "Good Mythical Morning" and I've been hooked ever since.

My sister showed a video to me, I think it was the first rap battle, which her friends showed her first. I remember watching a few of their videos, thought they were really funny and continued from there. I watched video after video and later I found myself huddled in a corner with my laptop, a blanket over my head, and watching GMM while everyone else was hanging out with their friends or something.

My friend came to college one day singing a Julian Smith song and sent me a link to his page, saw Rhett and Link on some of his videos but didnt know who they were at the time. Then I came across the Fine Brothers and after watching all the react to video, the Youtubers videos started and I saw Rhett and Link again. Finally after all this I youtubed moustaches to during Movember and the first video that loaded was the Rhett and Link Top Ten Moustaches. The universe wanted me to watch them and so thats how i found Rhett and Link.

on a very mythical day, browsing through youtube, i find a duo. the pair where strange... one whos hair went up  and one whos hair went down. they changed my mornings and my ipod in such a way i cant describe. so here i am :)

How do you NOT find Rhett and Link??

I got into youtubing about a week ago (noooooooob!) and I was searching for something good to get addicted to.. amongst all the rubbish of youtube emerged a great video.. "How to kill a mustache" I almost died. laughing. I went on to watch other Rhett and Link videos and discovered: GMM! That very night I spent EIGHT HOURS on youtube watching old and new GMM episodes.. and ever since.. I'm hooked!

I actually found Rhett and Link while searching Youtube for hilarious videos and came across the best video ever called Good Mythical Morning.

well you know one thing take to another, and now i just can't stop watching the show i'm a "rethhandlinkholic" :D

I found Rhett&Link because one day my cousin came up to me and started singing, word for word, the Epic Rap Battle. First off I want to tell you I enjoyed the pizza, well it really wasn't great but it allowed me to meet you... I loved that song so I asked him where it was from, he showed me "them" and I instantly became a fan. 

Now, everyday, I have to say ''CLOWN SHARK'' at least three times a day and all my friends look at me like I just shouted swear words.

A few years ago my sister showed me Rhett and Link's Taco Bell video and I thought it was amazing! I wasn't really into YouTube back then though and didn't watch any of their other videos.

A few years later, I have started watching more and more Rhett and Link videos and I loved the rap battle on "Manly Men". I am now completely hooked on their "Good Mythical Morning" show and I'm working my way through Season 2 at the moment :) 

Basically, I am completely hooked and I keep drawing fanart of them in my free time. Gotta love RhettandLink! 

My best friend Kiley showed me Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time, and then showed me The Hair Song, and I was HOOKED!!!


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