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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I found them when they were featured in Julian Smith's "Waffles" video. :) Since that day I've been hooked. 

I just looked that video up thanks to your post. That was weird.

I'm also a huge fan of Julian Smith, but I must say, Rhett and Link take the cake. they are featured in his other videos too, and Julian is featured in theirs 

i found Then November 6 last year when I saw Dope Zebra I thought that it was hilarious and decided to subscribe the them stuck to them ever since

I mainly found them through the Epic Rap Battles of History when they were The Wright Brothers vs. The Mario Brothers(Nicepeter and Epicloydd). I enjoyed a few of there music videos and then somehow started to watch GMM. Now I watch it every morning before school. Also apparently a few years before I found them I was shown T-shirt War in my art class because we were making stop motion animation videos. It wasn't until I became a big fan that I realized it was them from years ago. 

I found them about a year ago when the Chuck Testa commercial became a viral video, then I was linked to Rhett and Link's show, commercial kings, and after a while of watching that, I found their channel and started to purchase their music and podcasts, now they are a part of my daily life.

I was looking on I-tunes podcast for something amazing and I found there main channel stuff, then Good Mythical Morning. Now I'm addicted.

I was searching for the most awesome videos in the world and I found Rhett and Link

I just found them recently from the Goth Boy video they did for Geek&Sundry's Written by a Kid.

Which is kinda funny since I only live about 40 min or so from Buies Creek.

I was looking over my brother's shoulder one day while he was watching one of their videos. I don't remember which one, but he was laughing so hard, I had to watch it.

A friend sent me their squirrel song & I've loved them ever since...I'm so happy I found their videos especially the GMM because I can be having a bad day, watch an episode of GMM & be in such a better mood

I consider myself a 'newbie' to you guys. I was on Tobuscus' channel just browsing when I came across the Caption Fail you did with Toby turner, and after that I went through your channel and came across GMM... I've been hooked since


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