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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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I can't remember how I found them, but I'm going to take a guess that it was a "Will it" episode of GMM. I hadn't watched much of the main channel until a couple weeks ago, and hadn't regularly watched GMM in the mornings until a month ago or so. Instead I used to just watch whatever episode YouTube suggested, and continue to follow the suggestions until I realized I spent way too long watching videos and should probably go to bed or go be productive.

I'm now considering getting a tattoo of the randler and "be your mythical best."

my friend showed them to me

I found them towards the end of 7th grade and I have watched Rhett and link since then

Found them last year when i was eating a peanut butter sandwich in front of my computer :D seriously

I watched their video "You can start your own country"

and then I started watching GMM and so on

I can't exactly recall when I found them. But I remember the first thing  I saw was ,the crayon colors song. I found it quite funny. Then a couple weeks back ,I had been down and I needed a good laugh .So I happened upon one of their "will it" videos. The next thing I know, I start binge watching multiple episodes a day. And now I am big fan of Gmm. Thank you guys so much for what you do!

found them on youtube two years ago.i was on youtube and saw them on GMM or something.i followed them everyday ever since.even if i had to watch old videos on weekends.

Their videos were in my "recommended" section for AGES, but I never clicked on them. Then a friend suggested that I listen to Ear Biscuits, and I got hooked. One of the first videos I remember watching was "How to share a hotel bed."

I basically just stumbled upon these two Mythical guys on YouTube one night about a month ago. I immediately started binge-watching. I shared it with my husband, and he loves these guys (almost) as much as I do! This is something that we can incorporate into our daily routine, and it serves as a time for us to sit down together, not worry about the stresses of life, and just relax and laugh. Thank you, Rhett and Link, for all that you do!

~Tammy & Robert Tanksley from Hanceville, AL~

awwwww.  you're welcome!

I'm pretty sure that I was watching a YouTuber's React vid (FineBro's) a couple of years ago and I thought their reactions were so interesting that I looked them up. I've never looked back since!

I was on youtube one day and i saw a cool looking video and I clicked on it and oh my god. Best decision I ever made. I have been watching the show every day for years now and just found this site!


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