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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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that's such a great story!


Thanks for making it possible, Chiasquatch! :)  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

This is one of my favourite stories

Well earlier this year, my friend showed me Are You Gonna Eat That? On YouTube. I loved the song but soon forgot about them. Then, Around a month and a half ago he started singing My OCD, and I asked if that was rhett and link's song, later that night I found their other channel (Right in time for SketchTober) and have been watching their GMM and sketches ever since :) They have had a huge impact on me, Love them so much ;)
For it was absolut a year ago I subscribed to GMM. But been watching dem on and off before. How I found them was when I watch a clip from the SMOSH guy as a recomended video to watch.

i was bored on the internet one day, and i saw this channel calles good mythical morning. so i watched it.

Rhett and Link introduced me to youtube. I found them 6 years ago when my brother, a huge fan of Rhett and Link who also happens to be the inventor of the mythical handshake, showed me the Fast Food Folk Song video. I was instantly in love, and watched every one of their videos. I was there for the entirety of Good Morning Chia Lincoln, and now am equally obsessed with GMM, it is truly the highlight of my day. Rhett and Link made me love YouTube, and are to this day, what I love most about YouTube. 

  I started watching Rhett and Link about a month ago... or so I thought.  I found out later that I had originally become a fan of theirs after watching their T-Shirt war video in my grade 7 Visual Communications class, after my teacher used it as a stop-motion example.  I loved it, but sadly at that time I didn't watch, or really even know about YouTube, so I forgot about them.  Two years later, my friend shows me their bacon song, but again, I didn't watch Youtube, so they were forgotten.  But, a month ago, I was watching jacksepticeye's old April Fools video where he pretended to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper and was wondering if anyone actually did.  So, I search it up and I find Rhett and Link!  I found their video so hilarious that I just had to watch more.  It only dawned on me about a week ago that they were the same people who had inspired me in grade 7 to one day make others happy with my own content.  I turns out I was a fan of their's before I even knew their names.  So, thank you, Rhett and Link, for being the inspiration I needed to one day, maybe even soon, follow my dreams.

Im absolutely obsessed with Randl. I watch them every single day, always the new one, then I go back and rewatch episodes I love. They are on all the time at my house, and I showed them to my mom, dad, brother, friends, and grandma. Got the hoodie, bracelet, two t-shirts, and hopefully getting the hat soon. I found RandL while browsingYouTube one year ago. I laughed so hard at the first video I watched from them (Does This Sound Make You Angry) and I loved them so much. The first song I saw  was My OCD 

Love you guys so much, you make me so happy everyday <3

now im wondering if i should of went in to detail about how i found Rhett & Link....oh well im happy with what i said but i will give this update because i wanted to say a massive thank you to both of the guys for inspiring me to create videos of my own causing me to step out of my shyness one day a week (hope you dont mind but i gave shotouts to each one of your channels in my 1st video) and massive thank you to all (if any) Mythical Beasts that have watched any of the videos that was all

May, 2015. My BFF told me about GMM and I was intrigued. I started with the "Can You Eat That?" game episode. I've been hooked ever since. 


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