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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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My first memory of them was seeing the thumbnail of the Dope Zebra on YouTube, so I checked out their channel and thought they were some random crazy guys! Years later, I discovered their Nerd vs.Geek video, which properly introduced me to them. I started becoming a fan when I saw the Most Dangerous Amusement Park episode, which was right before I got jaw surgery. I was distracted from the hospital room and its troubles by Rhett and Link's awesome and hilarious videos. I found fun and laughter in a time of boredom and dispair, and would look forward to watching them every morning. Now I am a regular fan and viewer, and was glad they helped me get out of a depressing rut after surgery.

I was on a deployment in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. There I worked 8 a shipping container fashioned to be an office. We had Internet there called Sniper Hill and after 8pm we could get on Facebook and youtube. I was watching fail videos and other random comedy videos and eventually became bored. Somehow I remembered my friend watching a video with these two guys talking. I remembered the name Good Morning Chia Lincoln. Found that and then the rest was history. I spent 8 months watching content and still do. I am now out of the military and going to film school. Keep it up Rhett and Link.

my friend told me about them a couple years ago. but last year my brother told me about gmm ever since I was hooked

I found them in June when i was looking at my friend's subscriptions. The first episode I watched was "Will It Deep Fry" and I've been watching Good Mythical Morning ever since.

I was watching Stampylonghead videos when I saw your minecraft quiz game. I laughed so hard.


i just found them like 4 months ago! I wish i was here from the beginning but it has been a blast watching all 8 seasons and Rhett and Link videos trying to catch up.

Sometime in April, I was on the way to school and my carpool showed me the "Can You Eat That (Game)" episode and we were dying laughing at Link when he ate the printer ink and his mouth was like a black hole. That's the day I went home and started watching more videos. I had seen a few of them before, like the Daniel Radcliffe interview, but i didn't pay too much attention to RandL because i didn't know who they were haha - but it's crazy how dedicated you can become in just a couple months 

Recommended section in youtube
I had first heard of them when danisnotonfire was picked to be a Supernote Captain in 2012, but officially started watching them slightly over a year ago when I saw a GIF of one of their videos on tumblr, and thought that it was quite funny and so I went over to the Rhett and Link channel (it was a music video GIF) and found everything there to be hilarious. I then promptly found GMM and became somewhat infatuated with the unique, creative and just plain weird, but amazing content. :3

I found them by just scrolling through the recommended section on youtube, and I am so glad I found them  I watch gmm everyday. I remember the first episode of gmm I saw was bug war.

I think I recall watching animal videos, a cat one I think, and I saw a weird music video thing, I do not remember which one. I clicked on it and found it funny and kept clicking and clicking and clicking. Now, I am here. 

I found them from their mlp video :3


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