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too funny i was just talking to someone about this the other day and i honestly cant tell you how i found the guys but i thank the lord i did because now look where it had taken me...i have been part of the community since the first show the guys ever did...and Rhett and Link have brought my fiance and I together as well :)

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Hmmmm, I was watching an EdBassmaster prank. Later on, that led to a Julian Smith video. "Waffles" was the name of the video. Rhett and Link were in it, so I looked them up. First song I watched? The "My Hair Song." :D These guys are great.
2013/I was watching smosh pit weekly like i do a few months ago and they showed us that great graduation song and i loved it not liked loved. So i check out their other stuff like rub some bacon on it , last famous words , pergect bathroom trip, etc and i went all fanboy over it. Then after finding out they had a second channel with this great show
Good mythical mourning and (my personal favorite) the mythical show i was addicted . So now i decided to learn some of thier songs and i want that mythical 2.0 show (not just because its by them but its unique and kick@$$ so here i am on there website now . Thanks for helping me when im down or bored you guys rock!!!

I saw the worst commercial ever a while back maybe like around 2008 and one day I stumbled upon dope zebra so I went to their channel watched a ton of their videos then rediscovered one of my old favorite commercials and I couldn't believe how popular they became!

I was watching Jeffery Dallas' WAFFLES <3

I was random youtubing optical illusions so i decided to watch one called "best optical illusions the internet has to offer". I instantly started watching other videos.

I was just browsing youtube aimlessly when I notice a funny title on the side. Of course it ended up being one of the Good Mythical Mornings, and as soon as I finished that episode I was totally hooked! I'm currently working on a fanart of them. :3

My daughter who is 32 showed me some videos and now I am hooked. Even watched "All Night Long" All night long.  These guys are funny, talented and cute.  My daughter is getting married on August 9th here in Minnesota and she and her fiance Cassy are both going to wear Mythical shoes to the wedding!  We will take some pictures and post them here

Congratulations on your daughters marrige and i cant wait to see the photos.

Just found them a couple a months ago when I was trying to find a good boardgame to play and watched Rhett and Link's picks. My brother and I were like, "Hey, I kind of like these guys" and the rest was history

i found them in 08 but i was only eight at the time, so i wasn't like super interested, cuz i was eight, and i didn't do much online stuff. and for about 3 years, i FORGOT about them. :( and then my friend showed me some videos of them. and was like, " I REMEMBER THESE GUYS!" and thus is when i became a mythical beast. 

I have always seen them here and there, but I am pleased to say that I saw them on DailyGrace's yYoutube channel where they haze and I thought they were instantly hilarious. It is actually my favorite video Grace has. I started watching GMM and GMCL randomly and now I have seen every episode and I just love it. LOVE it. 

I was watching episode of " YouTubers React" by TheFineBros, and I saw Rhett & Link and I decided to see what they did. Since then I have been watching Good Mythical Morning every day.


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