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For those who might not know, the sundance film festivalis held in Park city Utah about in the last week of January. It started in 1978 and they show them amazing films there. 

Rhett and Link been there more than a few times. I don't know all the years but I know they been there at least in 2008 and 2014. I went in like 2009 and been sick other years so I didn't. 

I meet them for a short bit of time on Sunday. It was very serendipity. The day before I looked about for hours and had no sign of them even if they were there, and snapchating. I don't know park city main street a ton. Maybe I barely missed them. I feel like a crazy person(well I am).

But I was standing waiting for my Husband to get out of the bathhroom when i saw them walking up the sidewalk. I was so happy to see them. I got their attention and they stopped. They were late for something but was nice enough to talk to me for a short time.

I just wanted to post this here. I am sure I made a fool of myself. I told them I was the weirdo that keeps sending wood to them. haha....I wish I could have said something meaningful, or how they make me happy. But you get what you can get in life.

Don't mind my goofy grin. 

My hoodie, I wear it like...everyday(I really do). People comment on it and I tell them about GMM. I even meet a few people in Sundance asking about my hoodie. It is just a normal gmm hoodie. Link "Liked my hoodie" he better since it is a gmm one haha.

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Yay! Laurie! I was rooting for you and no one can take this away from you. You worked so hard to find them.

Good job for finding them! I am rather envious now

That's so cool, Laurie! Wow, what luck that you finally saw them at a moment when you weren't searching. :D

My Grandma always said "Once you stop looking for something you find it."

I always tried to live by that, and this proves she was right!

Haha, so true!

It don't feel real but I understand totally! Like durning the break a ton of people met them and I was like AW MAN! I am just extremely lucky. It was short but the best. 

There were so many what ifs, and coulds but ahh. I didn't even know why were going to Sundance till the day of.

I'm so happy for you. It overcomes my envy!


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