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Have you received your golden mythical contest tee yet?

I never received a shipping notice. Is everyone waiting or did mine fall through the cracks?

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I didn't participate in the sweepstakes, but I've seen some people on social media saying they got a shipping notification, and others saying they haven't gotten theirs yet. I'm not sure what meaning there is behind that, if any, or if the shipping is just being staggered for non-winners.

I purchased mine the day the sweepstakes started and haven't received shipping information yet. Has anyone gotten the Golden tee yet?

Purchased the day before the end of the sale. Still no shipping info. Emailed them last night to see about an update or some info. Still waiting to hear back (I sent late in the evening so I’m not surprised I’m still waiting)
Glad to know I am not the only one still waiting.
I ordered the t-shirt the day after it was announced and I haven’t been given any info about shipping. I do however expect this as I live the uk (I do know that I can’t get the gold t-shirt) and I expect it to take about a month to get here but I hope to get the info soon

Not even a half an hour later I just got a text that my order has been shipped. I was getting worried there. Can’t wait to get my  silver tee :)

I emailed the mythical store crew and received this reply last week, "Thanks for your email. Per the product description, the item you ordered is not set to ship until later this week."

There was no longer a page for the shirt to check on that shirt description so I felt like a heel.

But I did receive my shipping notice on Mon. 10/22

I just received shipping info last night. Due October 31. Anyone else hoping the weird shipping is a sign you're getting the Golden Tee??

The Golden Tee winner was announced today on Instagram as Megan Verch of Canada: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpkN52CnX7p/

I have also not heard anything back on my order and it just says that it will be shipped when stock has arrived when I look it up on their customer service page, and just saying that is super disheartening when the winner has already been picked/received their tee and everything.


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