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While Link's birthday is June 1st, I just wanted to wish him a happy one! With all the social networking sites greetings he might me bombarded with tomorrow (and the time it will take to sort through), I thought it would be nice if we beasts just all had one large discussion to send best wishes so that he can have more time to enjoy his actual day of birth.

Send your: best greetings, wishes, favourite rendition of the birthday song, and anything else you might be sending for the Link's birthday below. If you sent something in the mail, feel free to post a photo below (after it arrives of course;)

Special thanks to fe-mells and a certain KBE that inspired this post.

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Thanks for this, Claire.

Happy birthday, Link!! You sure picked a busy time to have a birthday! Lots of celebrations all at once. My daughter graduated from college on May 29 and my husband's bday is June 2 (but he has a few years on you ~ okay, maybe more than a few). LOL

It's been a banner year for you: A new baby and a happy family, an awesome partner, a new work space complete with a Sinead head. You've both received national attention several times, business seems good, the songs and videos keep coming, and lots of beasts supporting you. Many, many blessings on you both, and I can only wish for more in the coming year. Happy birthday and God bless. :)
Happy birthday Link! I hope you have a great day and a great year! :D
Happy Birthday Link!! I hope you have a truely outstanding day!!
Happy Birthday, Link!!! Enjoy your day, kick back, relax and tell your kids stories about you! With Warm Thoughts, Julie
Happy Birthday, Link!!!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Link,
Happy Birthday toooooo yyoooooooouuuuuuuu!!! :)

I hope you had tons of fun on your special day.
Hehe Though it is belated happy 17th birthday!
Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!!
I hope you had a very mythical birthday and another wonderful year of internetainment and fun.
Thanks for being so beastly!
ah man! Canada post is slow... the package i sent on may 21st only left canada on june 3rd. 6 days is a lie... it didnt make it into the "guitar shirt and gator jerky" video. Sigh, well for what its worth.


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