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I've been trying to compile a list of hopeful guests on GMM in the upcoming year. These are who I have so far. Some are repeats, some are people I like, some are people that have been on Ear Biscuits, and some are just youtubers that shockingly haven't been on yet.
-Colleen Ballinger (as herself)
-Thomas Sanders
-Markiplier (been on EB and SB but not GMM)
-Gregory Brothers (on the 5 year anniversary from their first appearance)
-Grace Helbig (has been on with Chester See and again with Mamrie and Hannah but never alone)
-Julian Smith (they've been friends forever but he's never been on GMM)
-More celebrities promoting movies (someone from Star Wars maybe???)
-Tyler Oakley
-Dan and Phil (another iconic duo)
-Jacksepticeye (I think he wants to be on GMM too)
-Superfruit (the Rhett and Link of the singing community)
-The Merrell Twins
-Rosanna Pansino (cooking, not tasting)
-Stranger Things Kids (Millie, Finn, Noah, Caleb, and Gaten)
-Vlogbrothers (together)
-Phillip DeFranco
-Joey Graceffa
-Matthias (or Team Edge)
-Dude Perfect
-Matthew Santoro
-Wong Fu Productions
-Jon Cozart
-Kurt Hugo Schneider

What do you guys think of this list?

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I would love to see Julian Smith or Philip DeFranco on for just a really in depth conversation about anything, no games just chat. 2 extremely intelligent lads

I know it's not GMM, but have you ever heard Rhett and Link's Ear Biscuits episodes with Phil and Julian? The podcast conversations tend to delve pretty deep.



I was going to suggest Matthias, but seeing he's on the list, how about the whole of Team Edge? :0 I'd love to see that whole group on GMM!

I like the inclusion of Wong Fu Productions! I might also suggest Ryan Higa, or maybe a musical artist such as David Choi or Kina Grannis.

I'd love to see Paint (Jon Cozart). And while we're on the music side, maybe  Kurt Hugo Schneider?


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