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Hey Guys,

My sabers finally made it on GMMore Thursday. My two sons were so happy.

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?How in the world are you able to make these? This is so incredible! do you do these professionally?

thanks, glad you like them.so far i've made 14 different sabers and have kept 3. i gave the others away to family, friends, and rhett & link. i just do them as a hobby in my spare time. i use chrome sink pipes, pvc and various scrap items i come across. you can check my instagram to see some others i've made. it's "timwhess".

I can't find it. can you give me the link please?

go to instagram and type timwhess in the search bar

yeah i actually don't have an instagram.  I was hoping if i google timwhess instagram i could see some pictures but i didn't find it. :(

I saw those, they are so cool!



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