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Hey Guys,

My sabers finally made it on GMMore Thursday. My two sons were so happy.

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They are fantastic!


Congrats! Those are really cool! 

thanks a bunch

Ah, that's awesome! I remember seeing Becca tweet about your light sabers a little while ago too, back when they first received them. :)

yeah. i'm glad they showed them on the show.

How long ago did you send them?

I mailed them the 2nd week of December.

Do you think if I sent them something that I have spent hours and hours on, do you think they'd get it?

They get everything they receive but they can't talk about it all on the show. It is all about chance, they receive so much stuff and have so little time (and only show a few things every thursday) so I would guess about 99% of all things they receive wont make it on camera but they will definitely receive it 

That's great, I saw them, they are really impressive

thanks. glad you like them


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