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As you may have heared, the GMM intro is going to be changed. Any guesses on what the new GMM intro is going to be like?

Special features of GMM season 1 intro:

Real Footage
Created by Rhett and Link
Royalty free music
Documented in 129 episodes

Special features of GMM seasons 2-5 intro:

Royalty free Music
Has Cockatrease
Has current GMM logo
Hidden RandLer of The Kommunity
Documented in 344 episodes

Special features of GMM seasons 6-8 intro:

Stop motion Graphics
Custom music
Documented in 349 episodes

All so different, but unique. BYMB;)

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Hmmm... I'll guess...


Custom music.


Still has the cockatrice.

Still catchy.

Sounds good to me

I'm guessing custom music, as well! Maybe a short new little jingle-like tune?


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