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Well, I wrote the essay for the Ultimate Good Mythical Morning  Quiz about when I watch GMM, and how it makes me feel inside and shtuff.

I don't want to grade myself though, so I'd appreciate it if you mythical beasts did that for me. So, here it is-

Good Mythical  Morning is by far my favorite thing on the internet. Every weekday, I wake up wondering what Rhett and Link have cooked up for me that day. I often wake up on the weekend and immediately get on YouTube, only to be utterly disappointed when I realize that I have nothing to look forward to until Monday.

 I usually watch Good Mythical Morning while eating breakfast. This has led to me spitting milk on my computer multiple times, when Rhett or Link says something especially hilarious. Sometimes I show my mom GMM, if it's about something she would find funny. Usually  doesn't want to watch though, since I am constantly talking about Rhett and Link, and she thinks I am completely obsessed (which is definitely true). So the only person I can really talk about GMM with is my best friend, and fellow Mythical Beast, Bri. We often use inside jokes from Good Mythical Morning in conversations with other people, which really confuses them, but makes it even funnier for us.

 So, as you could probably guess, I love everything Rhett and Link do, most of all Good Mythical Morning. I hope that they never stop internetaining.

               -  K-La V. (LANDSHARK) 


      (Leave a comment with what grade you would give this)

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idk how to grade stuff but using words its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really cool!


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