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Hey everyone! First time post on the kommunity. 

Not sure how many of you are geocachers or know what geocaching is (Find out here) but me and the other half go all the time. It is great exercise and good fun too, especially in nice weather. Particularly usefull if you have dogs (or kids) to entertain

Thought it might be something you guys may want to talk about on GMM.

On a side not we came accross some miniature horses (and llamas) that I thought Link would like. pictures can be found here on my facebook.

TL;DR we came across some miniature horses while geocaching and thought Link might like to see the pictures.

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Our family goes geocaching also.  It's like a world wide scavenger hunt for all ages.  We are tech geeks and love any excuse to go outside and get to play with cool GPS stuff. :-)  We have stumbled on a couple of grave yards but I can't say we've ever come across miniature horses or llamas.   


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