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Do you ever have something happen that is super funny and you want to tell someone about it, but you realize that only another Rhett and Link fan would get it?

For example, my little 4 year old son the other day went in the bathroom and stuck the back of his head under the faucet and then came dripping to me and said "Guess what I just did, Mommy? I went phatdipping in the sink!" I just don't think Grammy and Grampa would get that! But I know the Kommunity can laugh with me.

Anyone else have this kind of thing to share?

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Yep, that whole Phatdippin' thing sounds like our house. Anytime we go to a large body of water my daughter gets a little worried look on her face and then finally says "I don't wanna go phatdippin!" People look at us strangely.

There's also the many times my husband belts out a line like "I enjoy burfets, I wouldn't say love burfets..." or "G U A C A M O L E... Guacamoli". My girls and I laugh, the rest look at us like we've lost our senses.
OMG. I went to a buffet a few weeks ago. I happened to have the Buffet Song stuck in my head anyway, so I decided I'd freak the restaurant out by going up to the buffet and singing the song at a moderate volume while I served myself. I got an opportunity to sing the song all the way through due to the lines at the buffet....the stares were amazing. Hahaha. I should've filmed it, but it was wayy too spontaneous. =)
Oh that's hilarious! Way to carry the whole song through! Were they serving lamb?
Hahaha, they weren't serving lamb. But when I got to the explanation part (what it is is there's burners....and then they put a water pan...) I very extravagantly motioned to each part of the buffet...That was my favorite part of the experience.
OMG That cracks me up!
Great topic Tasha! My moment was not funny, unfortunately, but it certainly was a moment.

A couple weeks ago, our department at work was going to have a cornhole game for a couple hours over lunch. Only no one here calls it "cornhole," they call it "bag throwin'. Anyway, it was scheduled for a Friday afternoon, and my boss had two sets of cornhole boards and bags sitting by his desk, all ready for the big event later in the day.

At 9:00am, an email went out to us from him--"Come to my desk right now." As we all stood around the cornhole boards, scared at what was about to be announced, HIS boss shows up to announce our company is having another layoff--140 people this time. (Everyone gathered around the cornhole boards were safe).

In this extremely awkward, horrible moment, I was tortured at the weirdness of standing around some cornhole boards upon hearing this news, AND I had no one I could share this with. I just stared at them cornhole boards and sang the song in my head.

Needless to say, the cornhole tournament was postponed. It is now scheduled for next Friday the 26th. So here comes yet another R&L moment I can't share with anyone--everyone will be bag throwin', and I'll be singin' cornholin' in my head--and nobody will understand!!!
LOL. I was singing that song last night and my husband who is not as big of a R&L viewer as I am didn't know the song. He thought it was some kind of dirty reference and was upset I sang it in front of the kids. Oops! I had to explain.

So, YOU didn't get laid off, though, did you? That really is awful - 140 layoffs, yikes!
Aw, that's so sad! And Tasha, my dad won't let me play the Cornhole song in the car via my iPod anymore because he thinks it's a dirty reference, despite my countless times of explaining. Haha.
Nope, I'm a survivor (knock on wood). I know, "cornhole" sounds so dirty! But it's because the bags are filled with corn. As for next Friday's rescheduled tourney, I keep going over a scenario in my head where I bring a boom-box and blast the Cornhole song to the participants. I want to so badly so I can promote R&L, yet I imagine the weird stares....what would you do?
I went to a fancy Burfet and I told the dude with the Chef Hat, cutting the meat - "I've had prime rib up the kazoo!' He gave me a confused look and then cocked his head to one side like a puppy. My wife almost slapped me.
I went to a Chinese Buffet with some recent acquaintances, and they were commenting on how they love eating there (apparently it's a weekly thing for the rest of them).
I had to stop my self from replying by bursting into song with "I enjoy burfets, I wouldn't say love burfets...." because I'd just met them, and I'm pretty sure they aren't R&L fans.
hahaha that's hilarious!


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