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What was the first episode of Good Mythical Morning you saw???

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The first one! What was yours?

My first episode was Do Furbies Really Learn. 

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I'm not sure which one it was exactly, but I think it was one of these: "'I Hate Vomiting' with Joe Bereta," "4 Year Old Walks Into A Bar," or "Dining with William Shatner and Predicting the Future."

I'm relatively sure it was the one with Joe Bereta, though. Barats and Bereta were the first Youtubers I remember watching, so the episode with Joe caught my eye. 

Mine was "Extremely OCD Morning Routine", but I watched it when they were already in the middle of season two.

I think it was  Clowns: Good or Bad

Mine was the pepper challenge.
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OCD Morning Routine

My first episode was "12 worst inventions of all time" :)

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