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                 The Kommunity is approaching fifty-thousand members! This calls for a celebration. When the community hit 40,000, me and  (Dramatic Squirrel) put beastly banners on the pages of those who responded to our discussion. As well as the many other beasts we could easily find.

But this year I would like to make a bigger and better banner. Because fifty thousand is bigger and better, am I wrong? If you respond to this discussion you will get the banner posted as a comment on your page. Even if you don't reply, you still might get one.

               What are some other ways to celebrate this event? Since this is the komm, you should help decide as a mythical beast!

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I've been monitoring the member count for a while . . . less than 1,000 to go now until we hit the next milestone.


This is the banner I plan on posting on the #50K member's page (unless I think of something better before then) along with the standard WELKOMM note, of course.


How many members join a day on average? We may be able to estimate how much longer until the

50k mark is reached.

Since I started tracing things at the creation of the Welcome Kommittee it has averaged 30.7 new members per day . . .but has been as high as 250+ joining in a single day when there is some big event such as Rhett or Link posting a kommunity exclusive video or such. 

Sooooo . . . 1,000/30 = 333.33 days . . . but don't count on it taking nearly that long. 

Yay! I hope we'll someday get to 100,000!! (If R&L have over 1 million subscribers, that's a whole lot of potential Komm members! We can do it!)

So what do we have to reply with? xD

This is good enough.

Woo Hoo! This is so exciting! I'll try to think of something for the celebration. :-)

wow i never realized how close we are to this milestone. the 50,000th beast will sure be surprised to find that on their page . 

Just joined so looking forward to exploring all the content on the site :)

I hope they mention it on GMM! It's very cool!

Count Watch 50,000 - - ->

  • as of Noon today, the membership tally stands at 49,632 . . .
  • so that's about 600 added the last 14 days or just under 43/day average . . . 
  • at this pace, the remaining 368 should happen before the end of February ! ! !


I've decided on a new celebration banner (shown below) because my previous pic was way too similar to the one used for MB#40,000.  Every milestone member deserves something special and unique . . .


While we're at it, here is a list of some other membership milestone events, courtesy of  The (Unofficial) Welcome Kommittee . . .

Mythical Beast Milestones > > >

#12,345 (11-18-2010) = Briana Davis

#15,000 (04-14-2011) = Alex

#20,000 (03-27-2011) = Kimberwillie

#25,000 (07-12-2012) = Airic Matthew Perez

#30,000 (11-30-2012) = Finn Jacks

#40,000 (07-13-2013) = Bethany O'Regan (butter-corn) 

#50,000 (VERY SOON) = ? ? ? ? ?


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