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Picking up on a suggestion from Margaret E.Smith(Artomatchick), your moderating team, Rhett&Link, and I will be featuring Kommunity members for various reasons to help us get to know one another and encourage participation.

Today, I'd like to feature Ms. Smith for suggesting the idea! Please stop by her profile and congratulate her!

Also featured today are Jordan Huenink (JGHue) and Stephanie Figlewicz, who were promoted today from Moderator to Senior Moderator! Go on over and see what their pages look like and let them know you stopped by with a comment!

If you'd like to recommend someone for Featured Member, feel free to do so here. Be sure to let us know why you think they are noteworthy and our team will add them to the ongoing discussion.

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I love this idea and look forward to seeing new featured members.
Watch our vlog updates from the K-Mod team for each week's featured member! Visit their profiles and say howdy! It's a Kommunity, you know!
Click on our "Members" tab to see who's featured today! I've spotlighted JoJo Dodd for his wonderful vlog updates this week, which can be seen on the Main Kommunity page, and also Matt Dufilho, mentioned it today's update for his CBE video submission! We'd like to see lots more submissions, so don't get lazy because the deadline's been extended! Stop by those profile pages and give these folks a shout out!


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