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Whats your favorite thing on the kommunity? I mean, there are a million things to do on here (chat rooms, groups, how u can post photos, ect.) So whats your favorite thing?

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My favourite thing about the Kommunity is having a place to come to where I can share my love of all things Mythical with a group of people that "get it". I don't know any Rhett and Link fans IRL and I love coming here to share my thoughts, share kreations, and get to know fans all around the world.

As it says on my page, I truly believe that "Mythicality is a state of mind" and I love sharing the mythicality with all of you! :)

Once upon a time, my favorite part was chat (for one big reason...), but I don't get on much anymore. Now I think I like group discussions on things like GMM and The Mythical Show the best.

The best thing is how easy it is to browse through all the kreations and forum posts.


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