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Word on the street is there's a month extension on the 80's Summer CBE!

-Does anyone know a difinitive answer?

-I'm currently working on a pretty involved video I sure need the time, is there anyone else who needs the time??

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There hasn't been a firm decision yet, but there will surely be an extension. Link mentioned in the Moderator meeting video that it might be as much as a month. I'm sure the guys will make an announcement when they've decided, so just keep checking the main kommunity page or Rhett's CBE forum.

For my part, I've got an idea and definitely need more time!
Cool thanks a lot Lynn :)
Oh, please say that they are going to extend it! I have a killer idea for another song, but won't be able to have it ready for another few weeks...
they mentioned September 1st but no Definites yet!
Sept 1st is now the deadline. And I updated the Information page in a number of places:


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