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For a while now, I've been straddling the fence on whether or not to join the ranks of the tattooed, and today I finally walked into the tattoo parlor. I always thought I knew what I wanted (Batman tattoo - the bat tat), but as I started asking for appraisals, a custom Batman tattoo started to sound preeeetty expensive. This is mostly because the design I liked, in an attempt not to look lame and generic, is way too intricate and I'd have to sell some organs to get it.


I started talking to the artist about possible things, and because I don't want to look like a beer crushing bro (not that I might not be one a little bit secretly, but I don't want to be identified immediately as such), tribal bands and kanji letters are out. So zodiac symbols seemed kind of cool; I've got a friend who's got a wicked Leo tattoo, and everyone seems to like it. Problem is, I'm a pisces. Fish = Not so cool. But the artist whipped up a quick sketch of a badass hammerhead as a variation on my symbol (see picture), and I like it.


I'd still love all of my mythical beasts to throw out some ideas for what I should get permanently inked onto me (that includes you, Rhett and Link). I'm pretty open to ideas, AND, to sweeten the deal, if I like your idea, I'll get either your initials or your mythical beast name tattooed on my body! It'll be a bit smaller than the rest of the design, but still!!!

Help play a part in my inked future! I need a tattoo before I leave England to come back to the States!

PS - Feel free to sketch me something if you're feeling extra nice!

- Milo (The Elusive Shrewnicorn)

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perhaps your mythical beast is a place to start. why'd you choose "The Elusive Shrewnicorn"?
or maybe a helicopter with candy canes for the landing thingys.
Haha, well Link, I'm not going to lie, I'm not quite sure what a shrewnicorn would look like, so I wouldn't quite know how to describe it to my tattoo artist :P

As to why I picked it, I had an equation in my mind while I was thinking it up: Obscure Mammal + Half of the Name of an Established Mythical Creature = New Mythical Beast. Then, slap on a mysterious sounding adjective to the front, and you've got yourself a full fledged title that you can flaunt at dinner parties, graduations, restaurant openings, etc.

I'm seriously digging the Candy Copter, although it sounds like it belongs in a mural depicting the Candy Land revolution :P

Always appreciate feedback, bud.

-Milo (The Elusive Shrewnicorn)
To me, the only tattoos worth getting are the ones that a truly a work of art! There is nothing worse than a cheap tattoo in my book.

My brother's buddy is an amazing artist, and he and his wife have gotten several impressive tattoos from him. Maybe looking at some of his work could give you some inspiration!


Whatever you do, steer clear of anything that's too common, cheesy, or will seem dated in the future. Make it meaningful!

If all else fails, you can just wait until you're married and get your wife's name on your bum.
Also, I just realized that this isn't even a recent thread. And there are two of them. Confusion! Hopefully you haven't already gone and had that hammerhead inked on to ya.
i would sketch you something if i had a scanner but i don't , im still trying to scan one pic i'd think you'd really like....but until then you should definitely look at my pics there's about 60 of them, http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/photo/albums/random-pictures-i-drew , i've drawn tattoos by the way :D

Use it  http://inkprofy.com/batman-tattoos-designs/ maybe you will find what you want


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