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Hey does anyone know if they'll continue doing this? I enjoyed it.

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The last episode (#86 Rhett & Link “Season 2 Finale”) was uploaded 09/11/15, and not word that I've heard yet on a return. The best place on the Kommunity for this info would be in the "fan" group - - Ear Biscuits Fan Club 

other informationhttp://rhettandlink.wikia.com/wiki/Ear_Biscuits

In the Reddit AMA that Rhett and Link did in November, Rhett responded to a question about Ear Biscuits basically saying that they enjoy the podcast format but won't necessarily have the time to get back to it soon. You can find all their full AMA answers here: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/full-edit-rhett-link...


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