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Dear Rhett and Link,

While on your rise to fame (ahem, with that large project that may or may not be in the works), I beg that you please always remember the little people that were here for you when you were just a couple of Internetainers. The ones who knit you hats and sent you Swedish Fish, watched your web show and sang backwards about hummus. We know that as you grow wealthy and start livin' the highfalutin life, your Burning Answers will likely dwindle. KBEs may be few and far between. The golden days of Live Kasts are forever behind us, and we will weep in remembrance as we re-watch the humble goodness which was recorded for posterity. It is with both pride and a heavy heart that we usher in this new chapter, wishing you all the success in your endeavors and looking back longingly at the Days of Yore. While we can't keep you to ourselves for all eternity, it is our sincere hope that you shan't forget your Mythical Beasts. It isn't everyday that you stumble upon a following of people so much smarter, smarter, more intelligent, and generally better looking than the rest of society. 

Stay true to yourselves lads.  

Your Faithful Beasts (AKA Tylar, transitory voice of the Rhett & Link loyal) 

UPDATE: With the release of today's video (TV Pilot! 11/11/10), it is safe to say that I am either: a) psychic or, b) very proficient with Google News. I'll leave it up to you to decide which. 

Also, I want to add how amazingly proud and excited I am about this new venture! There are not two people more deserving. I trust that their loyalty will still hold strong within the Mythical Kingdom, I only felt compelled to write this manifesto out of love. Like a mother bird pushing her fledglings out of a nest, per se. When it comes time to send in our bloodstained letters, the troops shall rally and strike fear into the hearts of the IFC shot-callas! (That's our intention, right?...)

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Awww...Tylar! The guys created a whole kommunity for you guys! BTW, I was looking for your "burning question," here. Was there one?
Why yes! Asking them not to forget the little people, of course.

Lynn (The eMinistrator) said:
Awww...Tylar! The guys created a whole kommunity for you guys! BTW, I was looking for your "burning question," here. Was there one?
awwww Tylar, this is so sweet, i have to say i do agree. but i also dont think they will forget about us true beasts. ur the best Tylar
Awww how sweet (:
...Wait, what?
Hear hear!
Lol Sara xD I'm not insinuating anything here, just feeling a bit nostalgic today (as per thread title.) I reckon there are big things ahead for the Rhettster and the Linkster!

Sara (Squinchilla) said:
...Wait, what?
we hear ya
Now I can sleep at night.

Link (Chiasquatch) said:
we hear ya


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