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I've been trying for about a month to contact them, I've sent e-mails, and I even joined Twitter (something I never thought I would do) so I could tweet them. I've tried to be patient, but without a response I don't even know if they have received any of my messages. So here I am, giving it one more attempt to try and get their attention.

So if anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated. 

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I don't think it's really about if hey got your messages, but more about why you want to contact them. I wouldn't send any e-mails that are marked "For Business Inquires Only" because it's probably going to be ignored or marked as spam. Especially if you sent multiple.

So say you did contact them for business.

I wouldn't suggest saying "I'm your biggest fan" or anything like that. And if its for business then you probably shouldn't have sent more than one e-mail.

They haven't answered comments or facebook posts for a while, but maybe they will.

And I would suggest tweeting at Link's twitter account, he mainly just retweets stuff. Rhett doesn't really. 

If they are interested in whatever you put forward in your message you will hear back from them in some way. They get TONS of messages through various social media outlets and can't respond to them all!
If it's a Mythical Show promo you've created that you're trying to share, they've got a specific e-mail address for that (which I believe is read by Jason first and then passed along to the guys, but I could be wrong)

You can try writing a letter and sending it to their P.O. box or like Erin and Marcus said, through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

@ Whale - - since your kommunity profile is set at PRIVATE, there is no way for me to see your activity to determine if you have posted on their wall page.  You might try that.  Both Rhett and Link each have their personal pages set, as an Administrator of this site, such that any member can send them a message.  There is also Twitter, Facebook, or if you get very creative a VIDEO RESPONSE message on YouTube.

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Finally, believe it or not, somebody actually told me that this still works:

  • Rhett & Link
    PO Box 6578
    Burbank CA 91510

Thank you to all that responded.

Without getting into the specifics of why I'm trying to contact them (the e-mails I sent them had attachments that explained everything), I can say that it's not "fan mail" or business related. They are in a unique position to be able to help me with something important, I can do it without their help but it would make a significant difference if I had it.

But I'm really just trying to get a definitive answer one way or another, so I can figure out what my next move will be. But so far, I have no way of knowing if they have even seen any of my attempts at contacting them, but I also don't want to come on too strong (the e-mails I sent were all about a week apart), but still be assertive enough to get their attention.

Once again, I appreciate all of the comments. Thank You.

Sounds like an extra special wedding proposal request! Did I guess correctly??? :D
Either way, good luck to you! :)

Not quite, although it has the potential to be just as life-altering.

And thank you, I need all the luck I can get. :P

I will help you if you want it

My apologies Jake, I haven't checked here in a while, so I hadn't seen your reply.

I suppose I can give an update, if anybody cares.

I was never able to get directly in touch with them, so I started exploring other possible alternatives to my original problem. Unfortunately, while I've made some progress, I still can't find a reliable way to deliver my message.

I do appreciate the offer, and I will say this: If anyone is interested in the entire story behind this, I can post it later. Be warned though, it's very personal; although there's nothing I'm ashamed of, and in fact, I'm quite proud of everything I've done up to this point; that's why I'm willing to let myself be on display to the entire world.

My hope is, if enough people see my story, then just maybe someone who is able to help me, will.

Thank you again for your reply.

I suppose I can give a little more information on what I'm trying to do.

Basically all I want, is for them to deliver a message. I sent them an e-mail with an attachment that I wanted them to give to the person I'm trying to contact, and I know that they have the ability to get in touch with them; which is something I don't have readily available to me. So I'm trying to get them to be an intermediary for me. It's kind of like, we're at a party and I'm asking Rhett and Link to introduce me to this person.

Hopefully that explains what I'm trying to do a little better.

That sounds incredibly similar to the RhettandLinKalls they do, some of which have been done on the Mythical Show. If you don't mind the message being delivered in a humorous way, you could try submitting to that, since it is pretty much exactly what that segment is about!

Kind of, but I don't think the potential for humor would be very high, and besides it's not exactly something I want the whole world to know (at least not yet).

They have the ability to potentially change my life drastically for the better, with very little effort on their part. So I'm fairly confident that, if I could just get their attention they would probably assist me.

But so far all I can find are options without solutions. So I'm still looking.

Thank you for your reply though.


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