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A few of us on the Komm don't like it!! I like sending you guys mail, but I don't wanna send you something if it's just gonna be glued to a rock! I'm not offended, but I don't think its a good idea.

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Yeah, I think the mail ball/boulder idea is a weird one. If I had any intention to send them mail, I wouldn't do it now...it'll be lost in a glued mass of other people's stuff, which doesn't feel like they're appreciating the mail entirely, and Link even suggested destroying it in the end.

I mean, I'm sure they don't keep literally everything they get, but at least don't rid yourself of it so publicly...

My friend and I have some stuff to send to them, but now we're planning on finding some little trinket specifically for the boulder, probably something I already own. It's a funny idea in theory and I have no idea what they're going to do with it. Hopefully not destroy it. I have no idea. 

Yeah, I don't think destroying it would be respecting the mail, ya know! Sending something specifically for the boulder is a good idea.

I'm sure if you asked them not to stick something to the boulder, they wouldn't. If you've worked for hours on something they will understand. Perhaps send something along with it that you would be okay with them sticking to the boulder! :)

Thats a good idea. Last year I sent them a Mythical Bell, I told them to put it in the Time Capsule. I wonder what they are going to do with the boulder when it's big... I hope they don't destroy it, I just don't think that would be respecting the mail.

It's really whatever they want to do with their mail. So if they want to make a boulder out of it then they will but if its against their better judgement then they will do whatever they want with their mail. Personally i like the mail boulder idea

Do not think of it as them just hot gluing everything together. Think of it as art! I think everyone should send in stuff just to see how big it can get.

The mythical boulder reminds me of the video game Katamari Damacy (does anybody here play that?).

If you haven't played the game, the concept essentially is that you are a little guy with a sticky ball, you roll the ball around and items stick to the ball. You begin by picking up small items (dice, coins, etc.) and progress until eventually you are picking up big stuff (people, animals, cars, buildings, airplanes etc.) The ball gets bigger and bigger until you reach the end of the round, at which point the ball is sent up into the cosmos to become a new star in the sky.

Maybe the guys can send the mythical boulder up into space when it is "complete". It would make some more space junk to be cleaned up though...

Haha, no prob for the "trash men, weightless trash men!"

I'm reading this and it's 2015. That boulder was amazing and I wish we had it back (but I do like the Mythical Mail Museum).

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