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My family and I have come down with a contagious psychological condition, and I think it is serious.

About three or four weeks ago, we were all pretty much normal. But then I contracted this condition after I came into contact with a Youtube channel that featured two guys sitting at a microphone talking about random stuff. At first I didn't think anything of it; just another Youtube channel with people giving their opinions about things in the news, commenting on funny photoshop pictures, or running through top ten lists of things like the 10 dumbest movie plots or some such stuff. But this one was funny. I mean really funny. I was not prepared for what would follow. I felt a strong compulsion to watch another one. Then another, and another. And just like with ice cream, I found I was binging. The dopamine release in my brain put me into a euphoric state, and I nearly asphyxiated myself with violent heaves of laughter. But I just couldn't stop. Eventually, though, the weariness of the day caught up with me and I had to go to ged for the night.

The next day, though, after work, I needed a fix. Before I knew it, I had spent much of the evening watching these videos. This went on for several nights.

My wife and three daughters were out of town at the time, but when they came home, it wasn't long before the condition had spread to them. Before long we were obsessed with this Youtube program. I began listening to audio podcasts by these two gentlemen. We were watching music videos, even cheesy tv commercials made by them. We even bought a documentary on Amazon made by these two guys. We just can't seem to stop. Every day it has been something else. We even found some cheesy songs they made a long time ago for children about the books of the Bible. The dopamine addiction and convulsive laughter has been almost non-stop in our house ever since.

I knew things were getting out of hand when my 14 year old daughter came and showed me a picture she had drawn of a bearded, flying unicorn and declared that this was was her mythical identity.

I knew I needed help at this point. I knew my family needed help. So I have turned to the Internet for help. Surely the Internet is the place to go for help when you are in trouble.

What do you think I should do? Is this dangerous?

One source I read suggested you could get relief by rubbing some bacon on it. But I don't know... Should I try that? Do you think it will help?

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You are in no danger Mythical Friend. Only of experiencing fits of joy & spontaneous laughter. The biggest 'problem' with this disease is a symptom similar to Tourettes. While in conversation, someone will mention something completely normal such as: games for camping, the State of Maine, Velcro, snakes....and you will blurt out something, that from their perspective, is completely bizarre. Example: "Coooorn hoo-ooo-ole. CORNHOLE!" or " Did you know that the State bird is the Black Capped Chickadee?" or start singing "One side is fuzzy, one side is prickly..." or say in a high squeaky voice "Hey I'm a ssssnake...I been here da whole tiiime!" The only people who will understand you are other Mythical Beasts. But fear not, we are hear for you! Welkomm to the club!!

Ahh! Thank you, MythiaCaNerdian. Whew! I'm very relieved to know this is not dangerous.

Well, there might be a choking hazard, though. Just before I read your post earlier, I was eating a chocolate and thinking about the rub-some-bacon-on-it robot. I started to laugh and sucked some of the melted chocolate into my sinuses. Not pleasant. But I rubbed some bacon on it and it was ok.

I also don't recommend eating corn on the cob while watching a caption fail.

I will try to prepare for more of the fits of spontaneous laughter.


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