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I just learned this and it totally blew my mind!

Recht is the German word for right.

Links is the German word for left.

Not only is this cool because it sounds exactly like their names but look at what sides Rhett and sit on during almost every GMM episode, since the very first GMCL:  (from their point of view since they're facing us)

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I thought about this at some point a while back. It's a pretty neat connection!

This is so cool! :D

I thought of this when I looked at which sides of my headphones I should put on.

I don't like to wear my headphones if the left side is on the right.

I ALWAYS think about Rhett and Link when I put in my earbuds..haha

me too

I looked this up 'cause I thought "this can't be legit" but it IS

they could make shirts with that and stuff haha

Although, for the benefit of the viewing public, Rhett has oftentimes referred to himself as . . .


For the mythical shoes, Rhett is definitely RIGHT while Link is the LEFT . . .

Mythical Shoes

This is confusing me.

Holy crap though, this is pretty cool! 

Wow, I always realized link was left and Rhett was right but I never knew about the German words that is amazing


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