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This summer I am taking a Statistics class and I need your help! I jut need as many people from the komm to answer two questions! I need the results by Tuesday.

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Do you brew your coffee yourself or buy it? 

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One or none, and I buy it.

My parents buy the coffee ground at the store and put it in the cappuccino maker at home. They have one cup a morning, maybe two in the winter, but my dad doesn't drink coffee in the summer.

It depends usually I go 2-4, based on the sizd of my up wich is fsirly large, sometimes more I do mske it myself most of the time

Depends on the day, usually just one,  and we always brew our coffee.

Two cups. One mug.
Cut back from sixteen cups about a year ago.

Brew it from storebought.

I usually have around 2-3 large mugs a day and brew it at home myself.

Good luck with the class!

I can defiantly still use more responses, but thank you to all of you awesome beast who have responded!

i can start drinking more if you'd like.... would that work?  O____O

No 2-4 is plenty thanks thought!

The most I ever have is 1 cup a day, but I don't drink coffee every day consistently. If it's a weekday, I buy it; if it's a weekend, I brew it at home.


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