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I think clowns frighten people on a subliminal level. This is because their face and true character is lost under a grotesque garb of surreal makeup and costume. Our social instincts throw up red flags in a situation where someone is intentionally cloaked by a superficial facade, however comical it is. Our reaction is to avoid and protect ourselves from someone like that, because we assume that if they're hidden they have something to hide.

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Personally I think clowns are probably the scariest thing ever! I havn't even seen a scary movie about clowns before and I think that. That should tell you something.  There is something just very off about grown men dressing up in floppy clothes and wearing a bunch of make up. The whole thing is just very, very intimidating.


Clowns are only scary depending on their face paint and how they act. If they run around with a knife, defanetly stay away from them but if they have Like a pie then they r ok and if they have balloon animals they r creepy. Just remember don't take cany from them.

I just think I've watched too much batman


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