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I received my case of Clearly Canadian today.

I was wondering if the Live toast and studio tour were still something that we would all participate in?

I know that if it weren't for Rhett and Link, the product would not have been revived.


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Rhett and Link haven't commented on the live toast/studio tour in a very long time, so the fate of those events is uncertain. Considering the original intent was to do it when all cases had been shipped out, and Clearly Canadian have been slooowly shipping since summer (or earlier?) this year with many still not received, it's looking less and less likely.

I'm glad to hear they're at least still making some attempt to fulfill pre-orders, at least...I know I pre-ordered one in the original campaign and have yet to see it.

I have a feeling the toast/tour won't happen. The tour wouldn't really be as exclusive anymore, since they've A) been in the Mythical Entertainment offices for a while and B) now shown a fair amount of the studio through GMC and Buddy System.

Here is a small Mythical Entertainment HQ tour that shows some previously unseen locations. It doesn't make up for the fact that the Clearly Canadian tour (likely) will never happen, but it's something.


Well, it finally happened: nearly 2 years after I made my pre-order (Jan 2015), I just received my Clearly Canadian shipping confirmation.

makes one wonder . . . how many people forgot that they even ordered, have changed their e-mail, and will be totally blindsided when the Visa card takes a hit for a case or a pallet load?


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