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Hello people i just joined yesterday night so im new to it but ive had wached pretty much all of There vids So yea.. but i was wondering can i tlk to rhett and link on here?

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Anthony, welcome to the Kommunity!

Rhett and Link respond to many of the Forums and Discussions on here. They try to respond as much as possible, but they are very busy guys, internetaining the world....
Thanks man!

I heard that there doing a doing an 80's vid if i heard correct?
You heard correct. I believe their 80s vid is completed, just waiting for the right moment to release it. One of the moderators has posted a lot of behind-the-scene pictures of it here.

Link has some pics of the footage here.
One of the primary reasons they wanted to add a "kommunity," was to provide a great way for you to ask them questions, offer your comments on their work, and be able to interact with each other. So, yeah, they're around and they answer questions. I've even seen Link toss out the occasional comment in the chat. It's not frequent since they're busier than they've ever been right now, but they do want to be accessible whenever possible.
yes, i just chatted with link on the chat the other day


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