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Hey Rhett and Link, I'm Bobby.

I'm the one who made the EPIC RAP BATTLE LEGO video.

The video has gotten 24,000 hits so far

Right now I have the chance to become a You Tube Partner, but to do that I have to get your permission to use the epic rap battle song in that video.

If not then they will delete it off my channel and I wont be able to be a partner. But that is ok because I will keep trying to make cool videos that will allow me to be one.

I started doing videos about 2.5 years ago and I made my channel "Chicken Feet Films" 11 months ago.

I have about 100 subscribers and 45,000 views total. 

You guys are so cool. I loved "The Future Of Pants" and "Photoshop In Real Life" Videos.

Again if it's a NO on using the song that's OK, I understand:)

THANKS, Bobby!!!!!!!!!!


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hey guys just checking to see if you got my message yet thanks

Bobby - - with the ongoing TV production taking up most of their time, I suggest you send a direct e-mail message to both Rhett & Link . . . otherwise your request may get overlooked in a discussion topic.


You can do so on their profile pages. Just click on the MEMBERS tab at the top header menu and follow the links in the Featured Member banner

Sure Bobby, you can use it in that video.  Great job on that!

Hey Rhett I was going to accept the partnership but then it said this

YouTube Partnership Program: Tell us more about your video "Rhett and Link "EPIC RAP BATTLE" / Lego version"

   Does your video contain any of the following types of content?
Yes No
Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)
Movie or TV visuals
Video game or software visuals
Performances (including concerts, events, and shows)
Music (including lyrics, cover songs and background music)


please describe your content below. If you answered "Yes" to any of the choices above, please be sure to include details about the sources of that material and the rights or permissions you have to use it. If you do not have worldwide distribution rights to all material in the video, it will be rejected for revenue sharing and may be deleted. 

SO I WAS WONDERING what world distribution rights are, and if it is ok with you and Link may I have them for the video 

Im sorry if Im bugging you  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!


Rhett (Shahbaz) said:

Sure Bobby, you can use it in that video.  Great job on that!


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