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Having been inspired by all you wonderful beasts, I made a creature of my own, the Unicornus Rex. Upon showing my Uni-Rex to a girl friend of mine, she declared "I love it! I must have one on my body!" And together, we came up with the grand idea of submitting my piece (otherwise known as Charles) to a t-shirt producing company.

Now, here's the thing, Beasts: In order for Charles to be made into a t-shirt, my submission needs to be voted on by people like you! So I implore you, please help make my tiny dream come true. Please follow the link below and help decide whether my Unicornus-Rex is worthy of being worn! 

Voting on any t-shirt submission lasts one week, meaning we only have until Wednesday the 17th to get Charles out there for the world to wear!

Click to Grant a Wish!

Thank you all!

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I scored it a 5 - - Hope yo don't mind, but I'm adding the pic here also since you forgot to post it.



Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I truly do appreciate it!

Also, I agree the color's not for every one - if it gets produced, it'll be available in a variety of colors :)

Voted! (5, of course) Hope you get it printed!

Why, thank you! 

Wow, I love the design. Made an account and voted 5!

That's amazing, are you like a professional?

Wow, thank you - that's very sweet of you  to say! I'm not a professional and although I'd like to be doing it for a living, it's just a hobby for now. 

Your vote is much appreciated :)

I vote five its so strong and creative I must vote 5 ^-^ !!!!

Thanks for the feedback and the vote, scylla!

That is AWESOME! Voted!

Much appreciated!

Beasts, Charles will be available in a number of colors if chosen! 

5 more days left to vote up Charles - help a fellow Beast out, won't you? 


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