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the rhettandlink vault was a series of episodes they went through, looking at old videos. would it possibly be a good idea to bring it back lest they lose viewers due to the longer wait this time around? especially the newer ones they collected from the 10MI subs celebration. they haven't waited like this before, but maybe they cant bring it back due to there being no more old videos to find. Rhett and link are piling up more and more things to do on themselves, seeming more and more stressful for them. me and my friend actually were concerned if it was even good for their health. knowing links severe stress and anxiety and his habits of shaky, twitchy hands and the theory of rhetts depression.. are these side-affects of them working too hard? anyway, im just hoping they make the right decision on what to do next. ( ill be covering some of these subjects more in further dicussions )

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no need to "bring it back" . . . they've always been there

and for more, just check out:  GMM BREAK - - - How to fill the void

I do think they could do something similar to the Rhett and Link vault such as reacting to older videos or discussing the process of it, how they came up with it, etc, but not necessarily to ensure they keep their subscriber rate at a constant pace.
I don't think they'd lose subscribers due to the break although they may gain subscribers at a slower pace than they usually do. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they've lost subscribers due to an elongated break before so them uploading nothing for a while wouldn't be a cause for a loss of subscribers.
As for their 'work piling up', I think they would be able to handle whatever content they desire to create because they do have a team of people (the mythical crew) to help them with creating gmm episodes and handling that aspect of the content they create.
Also, they used to manage the majority of the content they wished to create on their own with a certain amount of help from others, showing how they'd be capable of handling it now as well.
Thus, I'm assuming they'd be able to handle the work load they have now due to having more help.
Of course, we wouldn't know for sure whether the amount of work they have to do has been affecting them in any way and all we can do is speculate but I think if it did affect them that greatly, we'd probably notice it.
Hopefully they're both healthy and happy!


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