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Soooo, the rumor mill has it that today is Rhett's birthday. And I'm thinking we should rap our wishes to him....

Hey Rhett, I hear that you're now 32
Guess what, now I am no older than you!
But it's your birthday so I will no longer digress
and along with the kommunity wish you the best!

Happy Birthday Shahbaz!!!

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Well I've been meaning to control my caloric intake
But I'm gonna give in and eat some ice cream and cake
Celebrate your birthday cuz it's only once a year
From the Kommunity to you, we're spreading birthday cheer

Happy Birthday!
What a predicament,
I meant to send a card yesterday,
Found out in the chats
That Rhett's havin' a birthday!

Instead I will leave
this here rap for you,
Happy Birthday Rhett,
Enjoy being thirty two!
Rhett I hear it’s your birthday (birthday)
I hope you have a great day (great day)
OK you're one year older and yet
You can tie your shoes still I bet
You being one year older (older)
It makes you much more bolder (bolder)
Blow out some candles (Candles)
While you are wearing your sandals (sandals)
I hope you got your mandle
Yes I said mandle
Hope you like being thirty two
It’s better then getting the flu
I hope you never do. It’s true.

God Bless you Rhett!!!
Remember this, Jesus Rocks☺♫♥


I suck at raps but I'll give it a shot
It's your birthday, well, this is the only present I got
I would have sent a card but I learned last minute
That today was your birthday so I wrote this...pretty cool innit?
I think I did great for my first time rap so I'll leave on this note
Have a great 32nd birthday Rhett and well...hope floats O_O

Hahahah not great but I tried...

Seventy-seven is when it began,
a baby was born who grew to a man
A giver of laughter destined to be,
to take comedy to the next degree!

Thirty-two years later here we are,
the guy has lots of fans yes it's true
Today is his birthday 'n from afar,
we'll say happy day, the big three-two!

(As I was writing this I suddenly had the thought of how embarrassed I'd be if my math was wrong on the '77 part, LOL!)

Happy Birthday Rhett!
Thanks for doing what you do!
Rhett, you know my raps aren't that hot,
but since it's your birthday I'll give it a shot.
The eleventh of October is your big day,
so you should celebrate in a big way!
I hope your birthday is full of cheer,
because it only comes once a year!
But the day is not over yet,
so have a Happy Birthday, Rhett!

( Seriously, you KNOW I can't rap....anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =) )
Rhett, I'm apologizing right now! I am so sorry for this sorry birthday rap (or whatever it is), but I hope you're having a good day. Since I'm a good bit older than you, let's just say that I offer this with love from experience.

I can’t rap, but not because I’m old,
Orthopedic shoes still got plenty of soul;
Rhett, you caught a birthday, just like a common cold,
Experience is teacher, so listen what you’re told.
Nose hairs sproutin’ where they shouldn’t have oughter;
Double chin saggin’ (grow two beards if ya gotter);
The 'spring' in your step turned soggy from the water,
The shuffleboard contest is just you and your walker.
North of your ear lobes, you’re bald before your time,
Your hair hiked south to find a warmer clime.
Can’t be a pretender, you need a suspender,
You hide behind your Fender ‘cuz you’re no longer slender.
A pot belly pig ain’t got nothing on you
(Sure would be tasty in a pot belly stew.)
One ear deaf and the other one too,
But that’s all in the future, Rhett, you’re only 32.

And if you can still have a happy birthday after this so-called rap, you're doing great!! ;)
Very nice pic. You are truly gifted...

Evelina Waara (Dextria) said:
No rap, but a little doodle:

Happy birthday Shahbaz!
What a great picture, Evelina! Very nice and a great picture to go with all of our lame raps. You outshine us. :)

Evelina Waara (Dextria) said:
No rap, but a little doodle:

Happy birthday Shahbaz!
Barb, what are you talking about? Lame raps, where?
I made a picture 'cause I'm the worst rapper in history of man!

Barb Nelson (Gaelic ThistleFish) said:
What a great picture, Evelina! Very nice and a great picture to go with all of our lame raps. You outshine us. :)

Evelina Waara (Dextria) said:
No rap, but a little doodle:

Happy birthday Shahbaz!
Its you birthday my boy, it happens once a year
that we're celibrate the fact that you're still here
you made it 'round the sun again, how 'bout that
you're getting older, sure, atleast you're not getting fat
and since i truely suck at this it's time to wrap up
but have a great birthday man! now i really gotta stop!

Happy birthday man!
Thanks to everybody for these! Great way to wrap up a birthday.


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