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Everybody has one. A favorite GMM. Tell us your oppinion! Was it because it was funny, compelling, or a topic you liked? You can even choose from GMCL!

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I like the one they did at vidcon. This morning's was also pretty hilarious!

I LOVED the speech jammer one they did on Tuesday. I also love the secret tapes one and the VidCon one. For GMCL, I like the one in which they're talking about nose bleeds. For some reason I've seen that one many times. 

There is absolutely no way for me to choose.. they are ALL so hilarious... I love them all!

THERE'S TOO MANY TO CHOSE FROM! DDXX But the recent ones that I've really liked where:

How to make someone sound like an idiot

Discrimination at Legoland

I also really liked:

Secret Tapes of Rhett and Link

Pregnant Woman Tackled on Beach

How to Wrangle Crazy Kids

and the list goes on.....


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