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Let's say hypothetically you're watching an internet video (oh); go with me on this. And let's say hypothetically something weird happens; get a little awkward action. And someone walks in on "yo". What video would you choose?

That didn't work.

If someone were to walk in on you watching a R&L video and they didn't know who R&L were, which video/moment would you think would be the most awkward, weird and/or inexplicable for someone to see you watching?

For me, it's gotta be this but there's many more moments that I can't be bothered remembering.


P.S. What happens when you search "awkward people", what happens when you google "awkward dude" and what happens when you google "often seen with awkward dude". But unfortunately, when you search Google Images for "masculinity", there isn't a picture of Link that you can photoshop :(

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Hahaha! I don't think anyone can top that moment you picked.  But here's another inexplicable moment. : )

Oh my gosh! I love this one!

Probably this entire video... Funny but I wouldn't want to have to explain it to anyone.

I think that this video would certainly raise a few eyebrows.

I think this would be quite an awkward moment to have someone walk in on...https://youtu.be/LewPiLwV1z0?t=7m33s


(I'm not going to reply to everyone)

Now I don't know if this tops the Peanut Butter Incident or not but it sure is something

Incredibly, I was watching this on my phone this morning with my earphones in and didn't realize my little sister was watching over me. So yes, I can confirm this belongs in the awkward walk in category.

Oh my gosh! What happened when your sister saw?

Haha, nothing really.  I was just embarrassed and she was weirded out, lol.  But at least she's used to Rhett and Link so she understands their antics a little better than the completely casual observer. :)

Well that's good. If my (*twin) brother caught me watching, something indescribable would happen 

This would be pretty awkward for someone to walk in on



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